Astra Valendia

  • Chosen Name: Astra Valendia

  • Forest Name: Theja Iryut

  • Age: 10 epoch and a few years (Around 125-130 years old.)

  • Height: Around 6' ft with out ears

  • Eye color: Purple/Pink with flex of blue.

  • Hair: Brown base with streaks of white around her temple, ears and bangs.

  • Birthday: Unknown, celebrates early summer

  • Alignment: Unknown

  • Scholar of Sharlayan - Astrology, Channeled Teleportation, and Gem Manipulation

  • Occupation: A leadership position with in a shadow organization called the Occult. While traveling incognito, she is a Fortune Teller.

Who is the woman Astra Valendia?

Astra is a woman of many secrets.

She spent the past thirty years studying magical arts under the isolation of Sharlayan. Her primary residents is in the city of scholars, but she spends time in the Ul'Dah.

When Astra went by her forest know, she simply was Theja of Iryut tribe, along with her twin sister Ysera. Iryut villaged housed the Rava community and the tribe she called home. Her mother was an elder with in the community, and in her young age, she sought to follow suite. The viera was a proud of mother to her daughter, and later welcomed a son who would become a ward.

That all changed, during one of Astra's routine visit with a fortune teller friend with in Dalmasca, she happened to get caught in the the initial invasion from the Garleans. She was separated from the tribe, and her sisters. She was deemed exiled, and forbidden from returning to her previous home.

Astra took the opportunity after her exile to start a new life under her new name - Astra. She studied under the friend who lived a life as a traveling fortune teller, who was actually a Master Astrologian from Sharlayan.

Astra current adventures is in a leadership role with in a shadow organization, housed in a underground unknown location. The Occult.

  • Astra is able use shards to harness aether into shardlings. She uses this as anchor points for teleportations.

  • She is able to change her appearance via "Glamours." This is limited to similar features that she has.

  • Astra still reads cards, but it more for a small amount of coin, and for pure enjoyment.

The Occult is a community that works to recovering, and properly handing what is deemed 'Forbidden.' The location is in a sealed underground location with entrances via teleportation and portal magic.


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Ysera Iryut

Astra's Celestial Reading and Fine Goods

(Cards will be based off The Trinity - Three Cards played Past, Present, and Future, using the main 6 major arcana cards, when reading fortunes the roll base will be d12 - Odd will be upright, Evens are Inversed. 1/2 = The Balance, 3/4 = The Ewer, 5/6 = The Arrow, 7/8 = The Spear, 9/10 = The Spire, 11/12 = The Bole.)

Astra's front of her house is filled with tomes in multiple languages.. she cant read most of them. The air is scented with a sweet aroma, one that could near identify but slightly different from the common scents in Eorzea. The room when you enter is dimmed with the glow of the celestial chandelier above. The faint sounds of music echo across the room. It gives off a cozy comfortable at home vibe.


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Hi! OOC I am know as Enyo, prior to I did RP in FFXIV for a brief time as Enyo, but I wanted to separate myself from my character. I created the Viera, but I wasn't sure exactly how to go about this.
I am still getting into the RP with Astra, and amature at it as well.
What else....
My Viera does not ERP or do explicit romantic content, she sees romance as a weird tradition.

Oh... Fair warning I am not filtered, and will swear like a sailor. Paternal Advisor!